Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands
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Andaman islands are located 1000KM East Coast and it is middling the Bengal bay that is a connection to the mainland .Its location is in the midst of Nowhere and it looks as an ideal place.

Andaman Island is 1370KM from the mainland and it is on the South East of Asia. It is covered by a green tropical forest. The Andaman Island is the long and fabled among many travellers for its legendary beaches and also diving which is world-class.

Andaman Island has waters that have an opaque emerad and it is surrounded by a jungle and a mangrove forest. Andaman Island has turquoise beaches which are snow white that are fabulous to melt under sunsets [flame and purple].It has the most beautiful landing that makes visitors to cherish. Its scene is inviting when one views it into the dip sea before he/she lands.

Cellular jail which is also known as Kala Pan is imbued by patriotism essence from the earliest freedom fighters and it is overwhelming. It was the residence of Vinayak Savarkar for a period of 50 years. It was a house to several freedom fighters. The architecture of the jail is solemn and it is 7-winged with a center tower-a place where guards would watch the inmates. This makes it a good reason for you to tour Andaman Island.

Andaman is grouped with Nicobar island [which is strictly off-limit to foreigners].200 islands make up the Andaman island and they vary in size. The submarine mountain summit ranges at 755 KM from the chain of Arakan Yoma to the Sumatra fringes at the south. Havelock is the only island that has a developed infrastructure of tourism but Neil Island is moving towards the same.

Andaman Island is remote and mostly uninhabited. It has a population of 380,000 people according to the census of 2011 in India. The most appetizing thing is about its airport runway which is long with an Indian navy facility. Andaman is naturally beautiful and you need to visit.

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Map of Andaman and Nicobar Islands