Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling, West Bengal
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Darjeeling is a municipality town in India. It is located in the Himalaya. It is well known with its tea industry. Darjeeling is the headquarter of Darjeeling districts.

It is the part of the Himalaya with a Zoo geographical zone. The flora around Darjeeling includes; oak, Sal, temperate land also forests of alphine.Wildlife in Darjeeling is protected by the wildlife wing. Fauna in Darjeeling include; teals, ducks, gulls and plovers. It also has small mammals that include; badgers, civets and mongoose.

When traveling to Darjeeling by plane, the nearest airport is near Siliguri and is called Bagdogra which is located 96 KM from Darjeeling. The tourist attraction is the steep mountain ridges which are steep and surrounded by beautiful green plantations of tea that tower the Khangchendzonga.Darjeeling is the Indian hill station which is definitive.

Many tourists visit in October and November when it is season for autumn and also in the middle of March and May when the sky is dry and the temperatures are pleasant. Tourists are advised to avoid touring on June and September because they are rainy seasons. Its sprawl over west that faces the slope that connects roads and flights that are steep becomes a confusing web.

Chow Rasta which nears the town and the junction of Club side are the two main squires and are linked by the Nehru Road. The Hill Cart Road runs the bustling lower bazaar which is Darjeeling’s vehicle thoroughfare. Kanchenjunga has snow peaks which are dazzling that overlook the Hill Town. Toy train whistling through the mountain way is also loved by many tourists. Darjeeling also has a vibe for the youth which is modern.

The residents of Darjeeling are the Nepalese immigrants, Tibetans, Lepchasand Sikkim. The Nepalese are Hindus while the Tibetans are the Buddhist.The two have differences in culture and they are amazing. The water falls, museums, art gallery, religious shrines, monasteries are all awesome sites that tourists tour. Darjeeling restaurants offer many options of appetizing foods i.e. the Nepali Thai and

Darjeeling restaurants offer many options of appetizing foods i.e. the Nepali, Thai and Tibetian Wanton soup at a favorable price.

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