Goa, Maharashtra

Goa, Maharastra, India
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Goa is a state which is located in the South West of India. Maharashtra is at the North of jGoa while Karnataka is at the East. Lit is among the states in India which are the richest with a GDP of two and a half times that one of the whole country.

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Panij is the capital of Goa. Vasco da Gama is the largest city in Goa. Margao city exhibits influence of culture of the Portuguese people who conquered it. It is the tourist attraction site since large numbers of domestic and international tourists flock each year to visit its places of worship, beautiful beaches and its architectural heritage. It is the privileged to have flora and Fauna that make it a hotspot of biodiversity.Goa has more than its beaches and parties that trance a blend which is kaleidoscopic of Indian and Portuguese culture, sand, seafood etc.

Goa has a string of sand beaches which are golden. They are situated along the Arabian Sea. Each beach has its own personalities and reputations. Your choice of beaches include Backpacker Aramber or Bolder, Laid back Mandrel or the most expansive groomy sand at the front of the resorts of Five star.Bogomolo beach has a beautiful scene and is located near Vasco da Gama.Uttordo beach is also pleasant to every tourist who visit.

The wildlife sanctuaries of Goa include; Bondla wildlife which has sambar, elephants, wild boar and many others. All nights parties at Goa remains a surprising thing to the tourists. The countryside of Goa is green, with a ritual of watching the melting of the sun remains a fabulous experience. The watch it while taking their favorite drinks such as wine vinegar. The tourists describe the people of Goa as optimistic, welcoming and hard working.

Food in Goa has appetizing scents with spices and flavors that will make you visit Goa regularly. The foods include; Vindoloo which is a piquant and Bhali-pilau.

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