Enjoy a Memorable Kodaikanal Honeymoon

The name of the city Kodaikanal translates in Tamil as ‘The Gift of the Forest’. If you choose to visit this wonderful city, then it is easy to see why. It is a hill station city in Tamil Nadu within the Palani hill range and amongst the western ghats of India. There are many reasons why couples should choose to honeymoon in Kodaikanal.

Spectacular Setting

Situated at over 7,200 feet above sea level, tourists are treated to picturesque views of the surrounding area. The beauty of Kodaikanal and the city’s surroundings create the perfect romantic atmosphere to enjoy a Kodaikanal honeymoon. Whichever way you turn from your hillside position, you can expect stunning, lush and varied landscapes as far as the eye can see.

Wonderful Places to Visit

There are many activities that couples may include in a Kodaikanal honeymoon package. Which of these each couple chooses is dependent on their personal interests. Walking tours are a great choice as a guide will show you some of the best aspects of the city and beyond. However, some of the other popular things to do while visiting this city include the Chocolate factory, a trip to Ooty on the railway, a visit to Poombarai village, Bryant Park, Guna Cave, Chettiar Park and Pillar Rocks.

Fantastic Restaurants

As part of your Kodaikanal honeymoon package, food may be included. However, exploring the local restaurants and trying some traditional cuisine can contribute to your holiday experience. If you prefer to eat out occasionally during your stay in the city, you will not be disappointed with the diverse range of venues you can choose from to enjoy a meal. There is something for all budgets, tastes, and occasions.

During your honeymoon, try local delicacies, eat food that is freshly prepared using seasonal local ingredients and celebrate your nuptials and future together with a fine dining experience at one of the top local restaurants.

Experience the Culture of Kodaikanal

As the area has such a rich and interesting history, many tourists visiting this destination like to include some activities that help them learn about the history and culture of the area. Similarly, visitors like to enjoy the unusual architecture of the structures and buildings here.

If history, culture, and architecture are topics of interest to you and your new spouse, then some of the best places to visit during your stay include Kurinji Andavar Temple, Shembaganur Museum of Natural History, Christ the King Church and Subrahmanya Temple. A simple walk around the city is a fantastic way to appreciate the architecture throughout the ages.

Appreciating the Area

The picturesque setting and the fabulous climate means you are likely to want to spend mostof your time outdoors as possible during your honeymoon. This is a great opportunity to explore everything this landscape has to offer. You should definitely include the lakes and falls in your holiday itinerary. Try to include Kodaikanal Lake, Berijam Lake, Mannavanur Lake, Fairy Falls, Bear Shola Falls, Dolmen Circle, and Vattakanal Falls.

Something Different…..

To make your honeymoon unique, why not try something a little different while in the area. The Ice Skating Café, the Solar Physical Observatory, and the Astrophysical observatory are all places that are unique for you to visit while in Kodaikanal. You can also choose to travel beyond the city to seek out other interesting and unusual activities to enjoy throughout your stay. These are easily accessed by rail.

Rest and Relaxation

The lead up to a wedding is often a stressful time. As a result, all many couples want to do on their honeymoon is rest, relax and recuperate. Your accommodation will most probably provide the ideal setting for this and there may be additional facilities to ensure your break is as relaxing as possible. However, there are other ways you can relax during your holiday. Try visiting either The Prana Spa or the Kodaikanal Yoga Centre.

If you opt for a Kodaikanal honeymoon, these are just some of the wonderful experiences that you can expect that will combine to create a wonderful and memorable holiday. Each couple will have a unique experience filled with enjoyable activities in beautiful surroundings. It is possible for the honeymoon of each individual couple to be created to incorporate their wishes and make their time Kodaikanal magical.

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