Zooka Tours and Travels website’s privacy policy solely applies to information provided on this website or through direct contact, requests, or permissions by/of/for client. The information gathered is used exclusively by this Zooka Tours and Travels and WILL NOT be sold to, rented to, or shared with any third party.

The data this website gathers is used to 1) communicate with our clients to inform of special offers, new products, discounted services, discontinued services, consumer follow-up, customer service, specialized service, 2) personalize and/or customize any offered services, 3) to inform of any changes to this privacy policy or other policies offered and/or agreed to by the client; and to that end some of the information we collect may include but is not limited to name, email address, phone number, profession, preferences, billing address, etc.

The Zooka Tours and Travels website may apply cookies to clients’/visitors’ computers to improve access to this site, to identify repeat clients/visitors, and to remember clients’/visitors’ preferences, settings, etc. Any information gathered will be given highest priority in regards to security for the protection of any sensitive information, either digital or analog, online or offline.

A secure environment is provided for the physical location of offices, server sites, and additional locations containing the networks data, both benign and sensitive. Access of information is available only to our employees, or vetted sub-contractors, and only in purpose specific portions or fragments in relation to the client’s selection of offered services, specifications, personalization, consumer follow-up, customer service, and/or related services.

At Zooka Tours and Travels part of our on-going mission of providing only the best service available to our clients, any information gathered by this site will be protected to the best of our ability, but as is true with the nature of digital information storage, there can only general assurances provided as no system is %100 secure.

All clients retain the option to opt out of any contracts or agreements with Zooka Tours and Travels at any time. If the client expresses any concern as to what information we gather, how information is used, or how information is stored, please contact our customer service department using the e-mail address, phone number, or contact form provided on the Zooka Tours and Travels website.We reserve the right to limit, reduce, or refuse services to any client.

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, you can contact at info@zookatravels.com